Your identity isn't just about availing a service

It's about the experience of using it.

Here is a way to verify a person's identity through a universal gateway

World's first wearable vault

Its' not just a watch...

It's a nano-computer!

Together with the IDAM gateway, it can do amazing things.

Keep sensitive data offline and verify from it.

A single identity verification mechanism:CENDS VAULT
No more varying methods with different service providers! CENDS vault enables one global identity for a person.
An identity that is never lost and is always reliable:FINGERPRINT
No more cards or tickets at check-points! It's just tapping a finger on your own watch, wherever you are.
A system that can work with any service provider:IDAM GATEWAY
No more building new systems to verify user! IDAM Gateway can do it for all service providers through APIs.
An interface to view all identity detection history:SMARTPHONE
No more multiple websites and apps! View all financial and non-financial detection in one page.
An interface to know what's only relevant:CPS
No more junk and irrelevant information in public areas! CPS provides curated information with richness.

Why is this technology so important?

Here is a gist of our research conclusions that has urged us to build such a technology.

Service providers with different verification for the same person

It is strange, that the same person availing services from multiple service providers is required to maintain different authentication methods with each service provider, be it a card used for authentication at a metro gate terminal, or be it a user ID and password for a website login. The person remains the same, and hence the identity is the same, but verification methods are many.
With CENDS, we want to bring a globally unique identity for every person in his/her CENDS vault locked with his/her finger, such that the IDAM gateways would verify the person to enable the service. IDAM gateways are digital systems that doesn't understand who the person is, but knows to verify a cryptographic data coming from the person's CENDS vault. Every service provider would only need to link the service to this cryptographic data. A history of detection stored in the back-end would enable the user to view all financial and non-financial detection in one window.

Irrelevant information display in public areas

In public areas, like airports, there are large display screens which display information necessary for the public. Not only are those information displayed in junk, but also are >95% of those irrelevant as far as a single individual is concerned. A single individual would only require what is relevant to him/her.
With CENDS, we want to build small screens called Curated Public Screens (CPS), which would not only show a person only the information that is relevant to him, but also provide a rich experience in knowing more about curated topics, like weather forecast at the destination on arrival, shopping opportunities and discounts in the area etc. CPS are distinct from a person's smartphone, because these don't consume the person's internet data, and don't let restricted data go out of the designated secure zones.

Today's technology is old tomorrow. Your choice must be wise.

Today's smartphone is not going to look the same tomorrow, neither today's smart cards, nor today's computers. The digital world is advancing real fast. It is very important to think what would come 5 years ahead of us, and chose to standby it.
Back in 2008, when Bitcoin was nothing but a digital currency worth few fractions of a dollar, no one would have ever imagined it to be valued more than ten thousand dollars within the next ten years. Your choice should be wise. It may not be appealing now, but it must have a great potential in the near future.
With CENDS, we foresee a new upcoming trend in wearable devices, which are not just sensors, but actual computers capable of doing computations and cryptography. This could accomplish great milestones in simplifying and securing our daily activities.
CENDS is a brand owned by InDreamer. For information about the company, portfolio and contacts, visit the corporate website.